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Dandruff is a common condition that influences the scalp. It causes your skin of the scalp to be itchy accompanied by flakes of dead skin. It typically starts around puberty and starts to subside around age 50, in line with the Journal of Clinical and Investigative Dermatology.

The severity of dandruff may vary from case to case. Some cases are less aggressive and are easy to take care of while others might require a medicated method of treatment.

Your skin continually replaces itself and old cells are pushed outward where they die and flake off. Usually, these flakes are small and unnoticeable. Regarding people that have dandruff, your skin cells can get started to replace quicker than the standard cycle. Therefore, the skin sheds in oily, larger clumps that can become visible.

Any kind of risk factors to presenting dandruff?

Though anyone can be vunerable to dandruff, it actually appears more often in males than females. It starts as soon as puberty and can continue on into adulthood. Having an oily scalp and hair can also improve the chances of the condition.

What are the signs of dandruff?

One of the primary signs of dandruff can be an itchy scalp. That is usually the first sign and then noticeable flakes of dead skin will observe. Red and greasy patches can also appear and a tingly feeling on your skin. You may even feel dryness, tightness or irritation on your scalp as well.

“Overall, dandruff lessens during warmer weather, Matsushima said. “Dandruff can also make the scalp become swollen or inflamed. It’s also advisable to seek medical assistance should this occur.”

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You can even experience dandruff in your eyebrows, chest hair, groin area and armpits.

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