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How Often Should I Go?

Everybody requires eye exams. Various Singapore eye clinic doctors have different recommendations for how often you need to go. A good general rule:

Young person: Once in your 20s and twice in your 30s if you have no troubles and do not use glasses or contacts. If you do have a problem or wear glasses or contacts, you need to go annually.

Grownups: At age 40 with normal follow-ups, depending upon your health and wellness.

Adults 65 and older: Every 1-2 years.

Youngsters: At birth, 6 months, 3 years, and prior to going into elementary school. Eye tests frequently take place in addition to normal doctor visits or pre-school examinations.

You’ll need to obtain check-ups regularly if you have health and wellness problems or a family history of vision troubles likes glaucoma, macular deterioration, or corneal conditions.

When else should you see the eye doctor? If you have a sudden vision disruption, eye discomfort, or severe irritability.

What Should I Bring?

Your glasses or contact lens (if you use them). Ask if you ought to stop using your contacts for a couple of days before the visit.

A list of any health conditions or allergies

A list of all drugs and supplements you take

A list of any particular questions you have concerning your eye health

Your clinical insurance policy info. Many policies don’t cover regular eye treatment, but if there is a medical diagnosis, such as dry eyes or glaucoma, you might get insurance coverage. Vision insurance coverage will cover some regular eye care, yet a lot of ophthalmologists (MDs) don’t participate in these programs.

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How long will it take

If it’s your first visit to your new eye doctor, permit an hour or more. That includes time to obtain the test and to get fitted for a prescription if you need it. Future visits will not take as much time.

Check for these conditions


When you experience hypertension, the capillary in your eyes might show twists or splits. You might likewise have damaged or narrowed arteries.

High cholesterol

If your corneas have a yellowish color this may suggest high cholesterol. Plaques in the blood vessels can also show high cholesterol.

What else to check

Make certain to ask what examinations are incorporated when you acquire info about eye exam expenses. Some places will market a reduced exam fee, but upon reaching you might be informed you have to pay additional if you want particular treatments– such as pupil dilation, retinal images, etc.– that may be consisted of in a higher exam price offered in other places.

Specific “intangibles” likewise need to be taken into consideration when you contrast eye examination costs. These could include: the professionalism and reliability and amiability of the doctor and personnel; the level of training of the medical professional’s assistants; the length of time you need to wait to be seen; how advanced (or obsoleted) the examination tools is; the convenience of the office area; and hours of operation.

It’s likewise a good tip when selecting an eye medical professional to ask close friends for recommendations and to “shop around” first using a personal appointment to the clinic prior to scheduling a test.

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